Emacs Simple Table Editing Mode

I was looking for a simple console based spread sheet program which performs a minimum subset of usual table editing functions. In particular, I just want to generate simple LaTeX tables, I do not need any font-markup, or formula, or macros.

So the emacs table.el (http://table.sourceforge.net/) is almost exactly what I want. It can do very simple table editing, and export it to other formats like html and LaTeX.

The draw backs of table.el:

1) Originally I was looking for a stand alone program, I remember there used to be something like that even under DOS. A emacs implementation is good but it is not the fastest one.

2) Apparently it does not get along with the flyspell.el come with the emacs installation. I have to manually disable it. Hopefully this problem will be gone given both the table.el and the flyspell.el developers some more time.

The alternative:
1) Generating foo.csv from any spreadsheet;
2) Using csv2latex, and simple, straight-forward C program to convert foo.csv into foo.tex. (though I do think using some scripting language like Perl may be easier than an implementation in C)



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